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Shape Up On Demand

Monthly subscription service – you’ll have access to our ‘On Demand’ pre-recorded workouts to enjoy in your own time. Aswell as workouts, you’ll recieve healthy recipes galore with new packs every month, and there’s healthy habit tips, positive mindset inspiration to help you stay on track!

What is On Demand?

If you cannot get to a  live zoom online class, you have the opportunity to be able to train with me (and Sean) home and away!

This is a monthly subscription service of £14.99 which you can stop anytime and start anytime.

You will receive unlimited access to my online workouts which consist of 6, 10,  15 & 30 minute workouts.

These classes range from Body Conditioning, Stretch & Flex,  LBT and Abs workouts. There is also Spin and Core Control classes with Sean.

You will also be given the link to our private Shape Up Facebook group where you will receive posts from me to keep you motivated, help you with technique on exercises. I’ll share information on how you can advance your health & fitness, make delicious healthy eating recipes and much more.

On Demand brings you

Pre-recorded workouts

Delicious healthy recipes with a new pack issued monthly

My support and motivation

Healthy habit bulletins

Exercise technique tips

Is On Demand for me?

If getting to live classes is proving a challenge then yes this is the perfect tonic! Plenty of options to choose from and there are some time friendly sessions that you can squeeze into the busiest of days.

Get Started Now

Monthly subscription £14.99 – sign up is through the ‘Online Classes‘ tab at the top of this page, click on ‘packages‘ and then select Shape Up On Demand. Alternatively you can simply buy and access one class as and when by clicking the ‘On Demand‘ tab to get the menu of different workouts!

If you  opt for the subscription service you can control it with stopping and restarting as and when you need to however your minimum commitment is the month paid for. It is not possible to refund so please let me know if you have any questions before you get started.

21 Days Shape Up

Mid-section weight gain that won’t shift? Want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness and endurance? Struggling due to joint pain and aches? Eating habits spiralled out of control? Do you need daily focus and accountability with an educational and empowering aspect?

What is the 21 Days about?

Kick start your routine with my weights based workouts. Routines will give variety and options but the focus is on strength training using weights and mini bands and when combined with a nutritional protocol the results are exciting provided you commit! (I’ll encourage you to exercise a minimum of 5 sessions a week)

Ready to transform your kitchen cupboards? The tried and tested real food recipes provide more flexibility to fit into busy lifestyles and they are flavoursome for all! You’ll have a plan for the long term – it’s easily sustainable way to maintain your results – meaning you don’t just pile the weight back on following the programme.

Healthy eating and weight training combined will change the shape of the body, increasing bone density and muscle mass, also improving mental clarity and reducing midsection weight gain. This type of exercise is often something women shy away from, thinking they may get muscular or bulky, and this is just not the case.

If you want to change the shape of your body, feel empowered and positive and have access to the very latest healthy eating information then the 21 Days Shape Up programme is the perfect package for you.

What will you need

Apart from a positive mindset, you will need?

Pair of dumbbells or pair of weighted plates

Resistance band

Be prepared for!

*I will encourage you to do a minimum of 5 Workouts per week with unlimited access to Live and On Demand classes.
*Daily coaching in the private Facebook group
*Weekly Healthy Recipes
*Weekly Shopping Lists
*Daily mindset and motivation with coaching helping you maximise your time and energy
*Workouts for all levels – Beginners workouts included

21 Days Price

21 Days Shape Up £147.00

One to One Programme

Let’s talk about you, get you set up for success with realistic goal setting. Get clarity on how to move forward, gain confidence with making better decisions for upgrading health and fitness. My sessions are delivered by Zoom or in person and my programme designs are based on your fitness goals.

What do I get?

My coaching is designed to enhance your life not just add value to it. I want you to get clarity as to what you want with your health and fitness goals – whatever it is that you need and want the most.

I work differently with everyone – because everyone is different. With each new client, I aim to design a unique programme tailored to your specific goals.

In order for you to succeed I will need your energy and commitment – if you give me 100%, I’ll give you 110%. Let’s talk when you’re ready!

How do we start?

We’ll have a chat on the phone or zoom exploring where you are at – what your goals are – what frustrations you may be facing, obstacles that are in your way and then we’ll focus on a programme and a plan of action that gives you clarity – what you can do to overcome any hurdles in order for you to clearly progress with your health and fitness goals.

Find out more?

I offer everyone a free 15 minutes chat over the phone.

Ping me an email and we’ll sort out a good time to have a chat. 


One to One initial 15mins discovery telephone chat £0.00

One to One first Zoom consultation and programme design £65.00

One to One Zoom workout session £40.00

One to One first Live consultation and programme design £85.00

One to One Live workout session £65.00

One to One Programme PDF £25.00

One to One Programme Pre-Recorded Video £65.00

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