Well we’ve all had to adapt and have learnt that staying at home is simply the best way to stay safe and protect others during a pandemic.  Even with Gyms being able to re-open their doors there is a great deal of hesitation after all, commercial gyms are typically damp environments where sweat creates moist conditions ideal for germs, bacteria, mildew and more especially if the gym floors are carpeted – which have currently been deemed a ‘no-go’ and will not be permitted to open.

However, the stay safe policy hasn’t stopped us from keeping healthy and fit. Determined to stay in shape, I launched our online classes back in March and we have adapted to enjoy body conditioning classes and more from the comfort of our homes. By getting on board with Zoom and purchasing a few dumbbells we have made it happen. And as a result, we’ve discovered there are many benefits to working out at home, a few of them being:


Exercising involves sweat (and germs), which people typically leave on sharable gym kit hence the Governments order for deep sanitisation between each session and that the sharing of class/gym equipment is not permitted.  Given that fighting this pandemic requires more than a towelling down, working out at home seems to be a better way to stay safe. 


Although we all miss the ‘old norm’ of socially engaging with everyone before and during class we must remember it is also an easy way to catch any airborne illnesses. So we’ve adapted and we all make the most of our online social catch-up and chat before each and every workout via Zoom. Even if you don’t know anyone I hope that all the laughter and cheery faces lift your spirits each and every time.


Rushing here, rushing there… organise things you need before heading to class – maybe a change of clothes, towels and water, then find the car keys, get in car, park, get to class and then get yourself home and on to your next task – quite time consuming really!! By working out at home all that aspect has been removed – and if you wanted you could turn up in your PJ’s! Time is so precious, especially if you have limited amounts, or you live a busy lifestyle or simply had a long day at work. Many of you have shared with me how much more convenient online workouts are for you. So there is no need to lose your momentum! I’m working on new ideas that will hopefully mean you can also get a workout at any time of the day even if you have a busy schedule – watch this space.


Eliminate travel costs and there’s no pressure to purchase costly workout clothes! Exercising at home means that you can save money on a gym membership too. Plus you’ve also got me at a lower cost, and why not join my new online exercise Shape Up FB community for motivation and more (it’s coming soon).

All in all there are several benefits to working out at home.  By avoiding others who may be sick and not realise it, you can reduce your risk of infection and forget concerns about gym or studio equipment cleanliness. There’s nothing more important than your health (and fitness!). 

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