About Me

I joined the fitness industry when I was 18! I love it! To be able to help and see my clients reach their true potential is simply the best feeling. I’m passionate about creating and delivering health and fitness programmes. I thrive to share everything I know to help you achieve your goals be it well-being, healthy eating and making your body move and be more active. I am a fitness professional dedicated to getting your mind, body and soul in great Shape!

Bit of background

Originally ‘Shape Up’ was an in-person social fitness experience, however, due to the pandemic and industry requirements I moved Shape Up online and have been busy delivering live home workouts and creating online courses.

I am lucky to share my love of fitness with my husband Sean – he too is a qualified fitness professional. Make sure you catch his entertaining Wild Card Circuit and his challenging Core class. You might also see our 2 young boys taking part in the workouts – we love enthusiasm – even our boxer dog Biba is welcome!

I offer online classes, online coaching and online courses encouraging people to make positive lifestyle changes which often results in individuals feeling energised, happier, healthier and more confident. In the courses, we explore eating habits and when combined with my exercise programme many clients enjoy great results and better longterm health.

My classes range from Body Conditioning to Pilates, Stretch to Step and more!

On my website, you will also find my online services, courses and classes and if you have any questions that I can help answer email me annabel@shapeupfitness.com

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