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Finding an exercise session you like is half the battle – I know how important it is to keep moving – and my online workouts, programmes and resources are designed to help you to do just that! My goal is to keep you motivated, moving and happy! Online sessions include body conditioning, step, legs bums tums and much more. If you’re looking to upgrade your healthy eating then take a look at my cookbook series. The online programmes will enhance your fitness, wellness and lifestyle and my other resources are there to keep you motivated including On Demand sessions! Come and have a chat about one to one fitness and or life coaching with me too. Let’s do this.

Hey, I’m Annabel

I began teaching fitness at 18, it’s been a few years! 

Personally, I’ve made mistakes over the years and tried the latest fads… even the daft things. I was stuck on that low-carb diet like forever, I’ve deprived and tried many new regimes. I once followed a regime based on blood types and lost weight only to discover afterwards I actually wasn’t that blood group at all! I’ve gained weight and lost weight but after many years and study, I understand the importance of eating well and the invaluable benefits of enjoying a balanced and healthy diet to support your long-term health regardless of your aesthetics. 

I’ve also been guilty of ignoring injuries in the past, I pushed through only to end up more in pain. However a few years ago I experienced significant and constant pain, after exploration, I was diagnosed with degenerative osteoarthritis in both my hips and lower back plus a tear in the labrum (ouch) so I truly value the importance of movement, strength and sensible rest much more than I’ve ever done before. I focus on exercise that helps enhance your life, maintain or improve bone density, helps to reduce pain and improve movement ability and flexibility.  

I’ve worked out hard, too hard at times! Learnt that balance is important – great results come from quality, not quantity! I want to help others feel better about themselves, not through pressure but from encouragement, coaching and sometimes a change of perspective!  Thankfully from education, learning to appreciate my body and experience, I understand what’s truly important for a more balanced approach to life and living! So I’m here – a real normal fitness friend that understands a lot especially that you might be feeling apprehensive to start something new and get out of your comfort zone but I come from a kind and supportive position not one of criticism (ever).

I’m more than a bunch of certifications. I now know what works. That’s why I can help you. My knowledge comes from real-life experience, working with people just like you! Ax

As well as my online classes I offer

Shape Up Bubble

Join our monthly subscription and get access to our weekly pre-recorded workouts via our private Facebook group to enjoy in your own time or at set times on our class schedule. Aside from workouts, there are healthy recipes galore with a new pack issued every month, motivation, healthy habit tips, positive mindset inspiration and much more!

4 Weeks Shape Up

Are you struggling with mid-section weight gain that won’t shift? Do you want to increase muscle tone, definition, strength, fitness and endurance? Are you struggling to do high impact workouts due to joint pain? Have your eating habits spiralled out of control? Do you need daily focus and accountability with an educational and empowering aspect?

Personal Coaching

Lifestyle and fitness personal coaching with me. Let’s talk about you and get you set up for success with realistic goal setting. Get clarity on how to move forward, gain confidence with making better decisions for upgrading your lifestyle and fitness. You’ll receive my ‘Get Clarity’ ebook – filled with ideas, plans, motivation and advice.


"Thank you to Annabel & Sean at Shapeupfitness online. You've been amazing throughout this crazy time and provided us all with excellent, energetic, fun online classes. I'd also like to thank you for going above and beyond with the 1:1 advice and support you have supplied. I'm so glad to be part of your team and can't recommend you enough"


"I never thought online work outs would ever be my thing but it is solely due to the enthusiasm, professionalism, versatility and friendliness of Annabel's classes that I am now a convert. Easy to slot into ones day with smiling happy faces and great camaraderie what’s not to like? Annabel and her family are a testament to her business and her unfailing positivity and encouragement, with instructions for all levels, is all one could wish for. Thank you Annabel. You are a star!"


"I have been attending Annabel’s classes now for almost 2 years. I like the mixture of strength and aerobic training and my body has benefitted by becoming stronger and leaner. Annabel’s knowledge on nutrition is excellent and she has a unique way of motivating you to work harder but also enjoy at the same time. All the members of Annabel’s classes add a lot of fun and laughter to the workouts plus her boundless energy."


"Annabel and Sean have kept us going, and made a difficult time a most enjoyable one! Annabel's experience comes through the online screen with natural warmth, fun and encouragement. She makes our classes uncomplicated, and still allows us to work at our own pace and ability.... and the best bit, we can still laugh, banter and feel great after her workouts.... I have certainly kept up my fitness level with them! Doing these online classes at home are such a bonus and so convenient. Thank you Annabel, Sean and Tate, you're a great family team!”


"I have exercised my whole life including marathon running. I workout with Annabel and have done for many years! She is incredible, you won’t find a more motivating instructor anywhere! Her classes are great fun and you can push yourself as hard as you want! Our workouts are even better online as I don’t have to leave home or put any makeup on! Maybe I should see if I could get away with working out in my pyjamas one day!"


"Never have I felt so enthusiastic and committed to exercising at home as I have with these online classes. I feel so energised and good afterwards. I love the flexibility that the classes bring and Annabel and Sean are so motivating and welcoming. I have been a member for many years and there’s nowhere that brings me the same level of enjoyment in exercise as Shape Up."


"The only online classes I actually enjoy! The energy that Annabel & Sean bring to every class is exactly what Shape Up is all about - having fun... whilst getting fit!"



Home workouts
Home workouts

The stay safe policy hasn’t stopped us from keeping healthy and fit – the benefits of home workouts…


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